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Come home to you.

Virginia Newman

Nutrition Therapy


Body Trust (R) 

Your body is your home.
Your body is the container for your soul.

I am glad that you are here.

We are living through a unique time, where we are being called to show up for ourselves and others in ways that are different from previous patterns that are not working.

I support people in moving away from the distraction of body shame and hatred and inner food policing that can bring up confusion and anxiety. Within this work of deconstructing and letting go of what no longer serves us, there is more space to grow into our whole human selves and explore what truly brings us pleasure, nourishment, and ease.

From this place it is easier to access your intuition which will guide you towards the life you were meant to lead.



You can trust your body in a culture
that thrives on you not.

Dahlia drawing by Beth Swilling at Mom's Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing 

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