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Ethics Statement

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I uphold the ethics of the profession as well as commit myself to the ethics below:




I will honor and gently and compassionately hold space for the humans I serve and the stories they share with me.


I will honor the people I serve’s expertise in their lived experience of the world. I will ask permission to share the information that I have learned in my training when that feels useful and appropriate.


I will name the societal and cultural impacts on issues that influence the way that the humans I serve relate to their bodies, how they feed and move them, as well as the impacts that society and culture have on our individual well-being and health-parameters commonly measured in the healthcare field.


I commit to making my space as safe as possible. I am committed to continue to unpack the privileged identities I hold and how they impact people with marginalized identities. I commit to doing better with the information I uncover in my process.


I commit to openness and humility when offered feedback and when called in, will manage my fragility in my own time, and will integrate and do better.


I commit to continuing to learn to listen better and to be aware of how my humanity in the room impacts the humans I serve’s healing process.


I commit to being active outside of my office to progress issues that relate to social justice and mine and the people I serve’s overall wellbeing.


I am committed to my own healing process and to taking the time and space it needs such that I serve myself and can bring as much of my whole self as possible into sessions with the people I serve.

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