I identify as a white, cis, heterosexual female whose body passes through the world with little judgement or oppression. I have many unearned privileges because of the body and life that I was born into.

The pronouns that I use are She/Her.

The work that I do is to help the people I serve find a satisfying relationship to food and their bodies, and I give them space to define what that looks like for themselves. As a nutrition therapist, I consider myself a guide in this work alongside the people I serve, available to offer information from my formal and informal education. 

                                What can get in the way of our relationship to food and our bodies?


Most everything.

I hold an open, non-judgemental and safe space for the memories, feelings, and circumstances that disrupt relationship to food and body. I offer a container for you to explore what your unique healing will look like, by reflecting back things to you that may offer insight and information to move you closer towards your healing and liberation.

As a Body Trust (R) provider, I widen the lens and illuminate the ways that our identities and socialization have informed how we are in our world. It can be helpful to name the often unnamed, which is that there are many things outside of our control that impact our healing process. My intent is to remove shame and blame in the process towards finding our whole selves. 


Because of my many privileges, I have many blind spots that I am working to unpack. Please see my

referral page if you would feel safer working with someone who has identities that are more aligned with your own lived experience. 

I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology from James Madison University and a masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bastyr University. Sessions with me are informal, I don't wear a professional "mask" as it takes me away from me and I invite the people I serve to bring their whole selves to our sessions together. The atmosphere in session can be warm and inviting, with laughter even, as we explore complex and sometimes painful topics. Please see my ethics page to learn about the standards of care I uphold. 

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