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Feeling safe in one's body and feeling seen, heard, and validated  in one's lived experience should be the bare minimum of care within the healing field and it is not. 

When you choose to see a provider for care- you are the customer and you have the right to name when you feel uncomfortable, give consent for any part of your treatment or ask for more information, and discontinue care with someone that is not respecting your rights. 

I feel privileged and honored to work alongside so many amazing humans doing this work. Please review my resource page for people who might feel like the right healing professional for you. 

I will work to continue curating this list. If you would like to be included as a provider please contact me

Check out this list as well, compiled and curated by the wonderful Three Birds Counseling:

Diversity is a Good Thing, 80+ Eating Disorder and Body Image Providers and Activists

Click on the heading to learn more about the body trust (R) approach and click here to access a list of body trust providers

therapeutic support, nutritionists, and coaching

Parisa Emam at Rooted Heart Healthcare

Elissa Dahl at Rooted Heart Healthcare

Kristy Fassio at Rooted Heart Healthcare

SJ Thomson at Resilient Fat Goddex

Meredith Noble at Made on a Generous Plan 

Haley Jones at Be Nourished

clinics & cooperatives

healing words

Angela Braxton Johnson at Poetically Inspiring Change

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