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This group is for teens between the ages of 15 and 19 who have a history of an eating disorder, are working through their recovery, and / or are dissatisfied with the amount of shame, guilt, and blame that shows up in their relationship to food and their body and are looking for a different way to be in relationship to it all. My hope in creating this group is to create community that allows for connection around the shared goal towards body trust. 


Informed by a HAES, Intuitive eating, anti-oppressive and trauma informed approach, Body Trust is a way of relating to your body that is free of the external rules, guidelines, and shoulds about how to exist in a body. When you think about it really, that's all a very silly way to exist.


In this group, we will discuss the context and history of how diet culture started, morphed, and impacts us today, what traditional eating disorder modalities get wrong or leave out, an alternative way of thinking about food, ways to navigate shame, guilt, and the inner critic, and how to navigate social media through it all in a way that helps and isn't harmful. The class format will be an hour, 30 minutes of information and 30 minutes to connect and process. This work thrives in community!

8 week group starting July 6th - August 24th

Virtually meets Tuesdays from 3:00 - 4:00PM

Ticket prices (for 8 week course):

Standard  $200.00
Reparational  $150.00
Reparational Support  $250.00

*More info about these rates available on registration page

Teen Group 

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